Thyroid Disorders and Men’s Sexual Health

Thyroid Disorders and Men’s Sexual Health

A review of any emotional or psychological factors that may be affecting your sexual function. Thinning hair, or difficulty growing it, is more common in hypothyroidism than in those with overactive thyroids, says Dr. Irritable male syndrome is a recently coined term that describes mood changes that occur in men with low testosterone. ” This may require a change in the type or dosage of your thyroid hormone replacement or antithyroid medication. Generally speaking, the parent with the thyroid condition will most likely be your mother because women are more likely to suffer from autoimmune conditions, says Dr. Treatment strategies in ed and novel perspectives, more than 20% of healthy men aged 60–65 years with no risk factors had moderate or complete erectile dysfunction. Study population. Many of the common symptoms of thyroid disease, such as hair loss and weight gain, can exacerbate the self-esteem, low energy, and sexual performance issues, often seen with low libido as well.

Because it’s more common in women, my then-boyfriend suggested I head to my doctor to get it checked out. The association between biochemical hyperthyroidism and SF‐36 physical and mental components remained significant even after adjustments for age, EMAS centres and PRL levels ( p = 0. )For about 4 out of 10 men with ED, the primary cause is cardiovascular; for another 30%, it's diabetes. When you experience stress, your body goes into “fight or flight response” mode, diverting its attention from healing and digestion, and pumping your body full of adrenaline to prepare it to survive what your body perceives to be a life threatening event. In these patients, larger testicular size may be observed with a decrease in the amount and quality of sperm produced. Type the characters you see in this image:, natural remedies for ED will often help address issues with one or more of these other systems. We encourage men to talk to their doctor with any thyroid or erection concerns. He thought his testosterone levels were to blame, but tests for T checked out just fine. Long-term exposure to xenoestrogens alters some brain monoamines and both serum thyroid hormones and cortisol levels in adult male rats.

  • The thyroid hormones act on nearly every cell in the body, exerting numerous effects that influence metabolism, including carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism, protein synthesis, bone metabolism, and neuronal connections.
  • Erectile dysfunction rates are highest in men with hypothyroidism.
  • The complaints you told were more like inadequate thyroid supplementation so kindly review with the TSH report again so that I can tell you better.
  • Many practitioners will still fall into a trap, thinking that the media is controllable in a sense that is, in a sense, if you do everything right, it will enter your control.
  • Modifying the lifestyle factors can greatly improve cardiovascular health, as you want to eat well, exercise regularly, and do a good job of managing stress.
  • Because of delayed gastric emptying and motility, about 50 percent of people with hypothyroidism may develop small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, which may contribute to constipation, bloating and irritable bowel syndrome.
  • Undiagnosed hypothyroidism is also a health risk that can lead to poor circulation, increased infections and serious conditions like cardiovascular disease.

While testosterone is often thought of as a “man’s” hormone, women actually produce it, too. These hormones influence your breathing, your heartbeat, your brain, and your nervous system. The truth about orgasms, problems with the structure of the penis or its surrounding tissues. The good news is that, once identified, most infections are treatable.

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An important note for men: In rabbit CC strips, both acetylcholine‐ and electrical field stimulation‐induced relaxation were impaired, whereas sensitivity to the nitric oxide (NO) donor, sodium nitroprusside, was unchanged (Ozdemirci et al. )Plus, the results of some studies show that the knowledge about the side effects of beta blockers can produce anxiety that is responsible for the erectile dysfunction (15). When the order finally arrives, it can often only be heard by word of mouth. This includes beta blockers (14), which many people with hyperthyroidism take to lower their heart rate. There were 34 men with hyperthyroidism and 14 with hypothyroidism, all in a stable relationship. This could be due to an abnormal accumulation of glycogen and changes in muscle enzymes activity due to the hypometabolic effects.

Iodine intake as a determinant of thyroid disorders in populations. Interestingly, men too can develop postpartum thyroid issues. Both conditions may have some connection to erectile dysfunction. Research has found that people who exercise regularly have higher levels of desire, greater sexual confidence and frequency, and an enhanced ability to be aroused and achieve orgasm--no matter what their age. Men are often frustrated seeing weight gain despite their usual food and fitness regimens, and will often have difficulty losing weight with diet and fitness changes alone. Fortunately, most sexual problems go away when a thyroid disorder is treated.

2% of the whole sample) of whom showed overt biochemical hypothyroidism (TSH > 10 mU/L and FT4 < 11.

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Even problems that persist can be managed using many of the same strategies that are effective for sexual dysfunction in general. Client testimonials, and the funny and terrible thing is that you can’t tell anyone about this (oh, except the life insurance agents with whom you will have several hilariously painful conversations). What is the thyroid gland? I mentioned how certain medications can lead to erectile dysfunction. Jannini EA, Lenzi A. Saied NM, Hassan WA. If the problems persist, don’t hesitate to see your doctor again.

There was some other reporting that deserves mention. All of these may indicate an overactive thyroid. Abc news network, it is estimated that more than 200 million men (between the age of 40 – 70 years) suffer from ED . In one recent study, researchers from the University of Modena, Italy, looked at almost 50 adult men who had hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism. Although, an association between hypothyroidism and ED was found in the UNIFI, it was not confirmed in the EMAS cohort, and it did not persist in a multivariate model, after adjusting for possible confounders. In this study, sexual function was assessed in men with hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism before and during treatment.

If you’ve lost that sizzle between the sheets, there’s one place to look that you may be have considered: Hyperthyroidism has been associated with premature ejaculation (PE, 3), even in previous UNIFI studies (Corona et al. )As a result, with overactive thyroid, guys can experience symptoms like weight loss, heart palpitations, anxiety, tremors, hair loss, and elevated testosterone levels. Adrenal imbalances can contribute to fatigue, low libido, and low endurance, and can be resolved with a combination of supplements, lifestyle changes, and medication when necessary. And in-depth reporting on issues that truly impact the health of many people strikes me as in decline. Let’s support more writing like that.

Symptoms Related To Male Sexual Health

Oomen HA, Schipperijn AJ, Drexhage HA. Low T levels, she adds, are rarely seen with hypothyroidism in men (Here are 8 sneaky signs your testosterone is too low). Men with hypothyroidism can take medicine that brings thyroid hormones back to normal. Gaitonde DY, Rowley KD, Sweeney LB.


It was more common in men with hypothyroidism. Please note, while deficiencies in ferritin and iron are more common in women of childbearing age than men (women lose iron with menstruation, pregnancy, and childbirth), I do recommend that men test for ferritin as well. Instead, the general tone seemed to lean toward something akin to a hall of fame induction. For guys, hypothyroidism is associated with low libido, erectile dysfunction—the inability to get and keep an erection firm enough for sex—and possibly premature or delayed ejaculation. Check out these 9 signs of hypothyroidism in men below, and if any seem familiar, make an appointment with your doctor. References, how prevalent are the problems males who masturbate prone have in bed? Fortunately, treatment for both conditions can relieve erection problems. When the number Walgreens was called, they could leave.

Primary biochemical hypothyroidism (TSH > 5. )In fact, a multicenter, prospective study showed that most patients with a chronic thyroid disease experienced some sexual symptoms, including ED. J Sex Med 2020, 1:

Male-specific Symptoms Of Hyperthyroidism

Xenoestrogens such as BPA, soy, phthalates, and parabens, for example, are chemicals that mimic the effects of estrogen. Either way, the obvious goal should be to balance the thyroid hormone levels, and if this hormone imbalance is what caused the erectile dysfunction then addressing the thyroid condition should help with this. Testosterone is available as a pill form (some brands are Android, Virilon, Testred, Oreton), as a transdermal patch, (Testoderm, Androderm), by injection, and sometimes as transdermal pellets implanted under the skin. Who was studied? Although a handful of physiological mechanisms affect your libido, your thyroid function plays a major role in regulating sex drive – both up and down. Up to 79 percent of people with hypothyroidism may present with muscle complaints. The iodine slowly kills some of the cells making thyroid hormone with the goal of bringing hormone production into a normal, healthy range. Additional ways to mitigate stress might include:

35 mU/L and FT4 > 23 pmol/L), subclinical hyperthyroidism (TSH < 0. Another side effect of turning down the metabolic fire is that the person becomes intolerant to cold temperatures. There’s a lot of misinformation out there blaming low levels of T as being the reason, but Dr. Elevated SHBG can lower testosterone levels. While in some women, problems are resolved with thyroid treatment, other women receive what their doctors consider “sufficient” treatment, and yet still complain of libido and arousal problems. Low levels of thyroid hormone are associated with vaginal dryness, which can result in discomfort during intercourse. “If a man has a family history it is important to be aware of symptoms of thyroid disease so you can be screened earlier,” she says, adding that all you need is a simple blood test.

Additionally, there are problems with the reference range used to interpret this particular test. If you think you may have a medical emergency, immediately call your doctor or dial 911. He had a heavy responsibility, but it was no problem to take a week. Consistently, overt biochemical hyperthyroidism was associated with an increased risk of absence of erections in a nested case‐control analysis of the EMAS study.

Numerous studies have shown that Korean red ginseng may improve erectile dysfunction (16) (17).


I had gone through all the details and reports (attachment removed to protect patient identity). If you or your partner is experiencing some sort of sexual problem caused by thyroid disease, these tips from the ASHA may help: Pay attention to your symptoms – Slowed metabolism, cold intolerance, mental impairment and dry skin, are just some of the common symptoms of thyroid conditions.

It’s about 2 inches long and weighs about an ounce. Mechanistically, hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism exert effects on circulating sex hormone levels through peripheral and central pathways and can indirectly provoke psychiatric and autonomic dysregulation that can impair sexual function. This should include: There’s no real set amount of weight can you can see with an underactive thyroid, but the more severe your hypothyroidism is, the more weight you can gain, says Dr. Davies T, Larsen P, Thyrotoxicosis. Men too, may be deficient in ferritin, and they are at greater risk of elevated ferritin or iron overload, which can cause inflammation.

Thyroid hormone, for example, plays a role in the beating of your heart. Viagra is not benign. If you're being treated with levothyroxine and are having sexual issues, it may help to talk to your endocrinologist about adjusting your dosage. Some individuals report that thyroid disorders can produce changes in mood, such as depression, irritability, aggression, and even mania.

Thyroid Testing

However, thyroid conditions are only a rare cause of ED. How exactly does an underactive thyroid affect sex drive? Balercia G, Boscaro M, Lombardo F, Carosa E, Lenzi A, Jannini EA.


In fact, this was recommended by the authors of a 2020 study looking at ED and subclinical hypothyroidism (meaning the levels of thyroid hormone are low but not causing symptoms) which found that a significant number of men with erectile dysfunction also had the thyroid condition. Relationship between erectile function, thyroid‐stimulating hormone (TSH) levels (logarithmically transformed; Panel A) and free thyroxin (FT4) (logarithmically transformed; Panel B) in the European Male Ageing Study (EMAS). The first step is to remove as many of the toxins in your life as possible. Further research is required to understand the nature of the link between thyroid disorders and ED, for instance, by looking at endothelial function in thyroid disorders. Indian J Endocrinol Metab 2020;20(1): In the evening, Colonel Herbert long male enhancement from a meeting Top Ten Sex Pills with the brigade and immediately called his army officers and non commissioned officers for a meeting. Among subjects with subclinical and overt biochemical hyperthyroidism, a significantly higher proportion reported no erections, when compared with the euthyroid men, whereas no difference was observed in subjects with subclinical and overt biochemical hypothyroidism ( Fig. )Further biochemical and instrumental analyses (including thyroid releasing hormone stimulation test and magnetic resonance imaging of the hypothalamus‐pituitary region) showed the presence of central hypothyroidism in five of 108 patients, who were excluded from the following analyses.


As listicle reporting goes that’s also considered newsworthy, and relevant in a country that fills more than 4 billion prescriptions a year, so this modest coverage isn’t really surprising either. You can read more about nutrient deficiencies and supplementing and take a more in-depth look at the role of selenium in thyroid function in these articles. Chen Y, Chen Y, Xia F et al. Lancet 2020, 369: Also, including healthy fats in your diet (but not combined with high carbohydrates) can provide the precursors that produce sex hormones, which will also boost your libido. New moms are a high risk group for developing thyroid issues. 35 mU/L and FT4 ≤ 23 pmol/L), euthyroidism (TSH 0.

  • This study evaluated the association between thyroid hormones and erectile function in two independent European populations, one including healthy men (EMAS study), and the other composed of patients seeking treatment for ED (UNIFI study).
  • In addition to a physical exam, hyperthyroidism screening should include a test for thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) and thyroxine, the main hormone released by the thyroid gland.
  • In the UNIFI cohort, which consists of subjects complaining of sexual dysfunction, the association between hyperthyroidism and ED was confirmed, in multivariate analysis, only in those referred with a severe degree of ED.
  • I’ve also written an article on Low libido and Hashimoto’s, which includes information for both men and women.
  • A meta-analysis of twelve cohort studies involving 36,744 participants suggested that erectile dysfunction significantly increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, coronary heart disease, stroke, and all-cause mortality (4).
  • Wiersinga W, Drexhage HA, Weetman AP, Butz S, eds.

Key Words

Accumulating evidence indicates that ED is a frequent finding in individuals with thyroid disease. Each of these values is a piece of the puzzle – each answering different questions needed to fully understand thyroid function. If your diet is not so balanced, then consider supporting it with supplements that include selenium, magnesium, iron, copper, B vitamins, and vitamins A, E, and C. 7 beats per minute; p = 0. 1 , panel E), while calculated free T resulted unchanged ( Fig.

However, it should be recognized that EMAS is a representative sample of community‐dwelling ageing male.

How Exactly Does An Underactive Thyroid Affect Sex Drive?

Hashimoto thyroiditis: A preliminary report. What made the public even more angry was that the company banned the media from reporting on the agreement, and the Quebec government even supported it.

Thyroid Symptoms Specific to Men

At the same time, excess weight biochemically also affects sexual function. A condition known as gynecomastia (male breast enlargement) can also be a result of hyperthyroidism. Psychobiologic correlates of the metabolic syndrome and associated sexual dysfunction. Through history were established menstrual cycle disorders and disorders of sexual function quality based on a questionnaire completed by each patient voluntarily. Worldwide, approximately 140 million men have erectile dysfunction, and the number is expected to double over the next 15 years (2).

In 2020, the same journal published a study that looked at ED as well as other sexual dysfunctions in 48 men. Among a consecutive series of 3203 men, 108 (3. )Which brings us back full circle to the Mediterranean Diet. 4%), estradiol (E2) (LLOQ, 7. DHEA has been found to reduce thyroid antibodies in women with PCOS, and another study found that DHEA can normalize abnormal immune cells that are present in Hashimoto’s and Graves’. It’s important to find the time and energy in your busy schedule to get proper exercise and sleep in order to get you in the mood.

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Whatever we inhale, ingest, and absorb into our skin eventually ends up circulating in our body. Due to the influence of thyroid hormone on lipid metabolism, subclinical hypothyroidism is proved to be risk factor for heart failure, coronary heart disease and dyslipidemia [33,34,35,36,37]. And it is found that ScHT is not risk factor for any type of FSD. Perhaps even more to do with what news organizations deem ‘clickable’ and what we as readers find alluring.

The study, led by neuroendocrinologist Cesare Carani of Italy’s University of Modena, was published in the December 2020 issue of “The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism. According to a Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) study released in February, 1999, about 43 percent of women and 31 percent of men suffer sexual inadequacy for one reason or another. Some eagerly Hypothyroidism And Erectile Dysfunction sought cover and finally found a group of old and fortified French fortifications between the port and the beach on the east side of what happens when you use too much male enhancement pills the town. Endocrine aspects of female sexual dysfunction. Health24 is south africa's premier health information website, this means they come to dissociate desire from sex in real life, because it doesn’t meet the expectations they have become accustomed to, essentially, in fantasy. In women, adrenal function should also be checked, particularly if the testosterone levels turn out to be low. When it’s not functioning properly, the effects can be noticeable in the bedroom.

Another option is radioiodine therapy, which involves taking radioactive iodine pills.

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3% within runs and 6. They’re apples and oranges. In the large, prospective European Male Aging Study, an inverse relationship between thyroid-stimulating hormone levels and ED prevalence was found. With thyroid issues (and autoimmunity as a whole) being less common in men, they are often overlooked by doctors. For example, in most negotiations, the neutrals will make detailed notes Free Sample of each meeting in order to Free Sample Dianabol Pills Side Effects sort out the minutes of the Hypothyroidism And Erectile Dysfunction meeting afterwards, or summarize the key points of consensus and differences.

What Happens if Hypothyroidism is Left Untreated?

Based on your health care provider’s evaluation, treatment may be recommended. In men, the disruption of the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis seen in hypothyroidism is thought to reduce circulating sex–hormone levels, including total and free testosterone. Make sure that your thyroid is being properly diagnosed and treated according to the latest standards. There have been few studies of the effects of hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism on sexual function in men. In addition to a full medical evaluation for sexual dysfunction, there are two things that you can personally do that not only might help sexual dysfunction, but are good for overall health.

17 nmol/L; intra‐assay coefficient of variation (CV), 2. Although sex drive tends to decrease with age, thyroid dysfunction that affects T3 and T4 levels can occur at any age. Both hypo- and hyperthyroidism are linked to sexual dysfunction in men and women: Multicenter study on the prevalence of sexual symptoms in male hypo- and hyperthyroid patients. The men were asked about sexual function at base line and at least 8 weeks after the restoration of normal thyroid function. About us, that may be you if your doctor is not monitoring your use of an OTC version (such as Nexium, Prilosec or Prevacid), or if your doc prescribed one but hasn’t checked to see if you’ve healed. On the other hand, many times the thyroid imbalance is causing erectile dysfunction.

J Clin Endocrinol Metab 2020;90: Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Coming to ESR (erythrocyte sedimentation rate) at 41, it need not be taken seriously unless you have other complaints. Sexual dysfunction is more common in women with hypothyroidism compared to those with hyperthyroidism. To assess the effects of hyperthyroidism on sexual function, cases of overt hyperthyroidism according to the study method reference range for TSH (<0. )

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Of the 34 men diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, 50 percent suffered from premature ejaculation, 17. Delayed ejaculation occurs when a man cannot ejaculate or can only do so after having sex for a long time, e. 02 nmol/L, CV = 5.

3% within runs and 2. Hypothyroidism results in slowed and decreased gut motility, which often presents as constipation. At the outset of the study, 56 men with thyroid dysfunction — 19 with hyperthyroidism and 37 hypothyroidism — had SHIM scores of 21 or less, compared with only 24 of the control group. What many don't know, however, is the symptoms are very similar to that of low thyroid, and low thyroid function can actually cause low testosterone levels. Changing levels of SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin), which interfere with the estrogen-testosterone-progesterone balance (17). The overall response rate for participation in the study was 41%. Another study looked to evaluate the effect of hypothyroidism on erectile function and concluded that hypothyroidism adversely affects erectile function, along with sperm count and motility (7). The most reliable test for diagnosing hypothyroidism is thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH).


In line with previous observations (Vermeulen et al. )Many of the issues that occur are similar to those found in women, such as dry skin, exhaustion, cold extremities and constipation. It’s mostly a lifestyle drug. Hyperthyroidism also affects sperm cells, leading to reduced sperm density and motility (how well sperm can move or “swim”). There are ongoing debates over the right TSH normal range, and many patients whose TSH falls in the limbo of 3. Original research from the 1950s by Dr. Here we also add another caveat if a company or organization does not authorize a spokesperson to know if you know, if you don t Penis Enlargemenr know, you don t know , then all of the above is meaningless. Thyroid disorders, particularly hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism, have been associated with erectile dysfunction (ED) – the inability to get and keep an erection firm enough for sex – as well as other sexual problems like low libido, premature ejaculation, and delayed ejaculation.

5% respectively. The aim of this study was to compare male sexual function­ing and depressive symptoms between men with hypothyroidism receiving levothyroxine/liothyronine combination therapy and men receiving levothyroxine alone. 1 percent suffered from premature ejaculation, but the incidence of the other three types of sexual dysfunction was more than 60 percent. The good news is, if you are diagnosed with hypothyroidism, the condition is treatable with thyroid hormone replacement medication, which replace the thyroid hormone you body can no longer produce on its own. Mariotti S, Caturegli P, Piccolo P, Barbesino G, Pinchera A. Test for chronic infections – Identifying and treating chronic infections can result in a complete remission of Hashimoto’s. On the other hand, a diet that supports the appropriate hormone balance (estrogen, testosterone, cortisol, thyroid hormones) can play an important role in supporting a healthy libido.

In line with this finding, in the EMAS cohort the prevalence of ED increased as a function of FT4 levels. Many of the men and women included in these studies were under age 40 years. There was no significant trend in the relationship between the percentage bias and the average T concentration of the two methods ( Huhtaniemi et al. )But despite its small size, it is a major player in your overall health. 6 years for the hyperthyroid group, 55. In an article written by Karen Barrow at NBC 7 San Diego, thyroid disease can affect as many as one in ten men over the age of 60, and there is increasing evidence that suggests erectile dysfunction could have less to do with aging – and more to do with your thyroid’s ability to function properly. A reappraisal using objective psychological measurement.

  • Hormones made by the thyroid gland affect your energy level and the functioning of most of your organs.
  • In 11 of these patients, levothyroxine was replaced with levothyroxine/liothyronine combination therapy, while the remaining ones (n = 10) continued levothyroxine treatment.
  • All too often overlooked, thyroid problems are a significant cause of sexual dysfunction among both men and women.


A SHIM score of 22 to 25 is considered normal, while a score between 11 and 21 is viewed as diagnostic of mild to moderately severe ED. Stage II – In this stage, the total cortisol level will be normal, but there will be some abnormalities where it might be high in the morning, then too low in the afternoon, and then high again in the evening. This is a 13‐item interview made up of three scales, which identify and quantify components concurring with sexual dysfunctions. Data derived from patients attending our Andrology Clinic for sexual dysfunction could have different characteristics from those individuals with ED who are consulting general practitioners, or who are not seeking medical care or without sexual dysfunction. These observations suggest that erectile function should be evaluated in all men with hyperthyroidism. Slowing gut contractions can result in constipation. So if your furnace is not running up to par, you’re not burning as many calories—meaning you’re not producing as much heat, either. Diseases of the Thyroid.

There are also medical treatments, lifestyle changes, and supplements that can help you get your bedroom mojo back! First, your doctor should make sure that your thyroid treatment is optimized. Men with this condition often report rapid unwanted weight loss/muscle loss, muscle pain, irritability, and mood changes. Those individuals who participated may have differed to those who did not participate with respect to levels of thyroid hormones and erectile dysfunction and some caution therefore is needed in interpreting our data (Lee et al. Stand up for your health, the cost of the test varies widely, depending on the test provider. )Your doctor may suspect hypothyroidism if you have symptoms and signs during a physical examination.

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Furthermore, halogens like bromide and chloride may take up receptor sites in the thyroid gland, build up in thyroid tissue, and lead to inflammation and thyroid cell death, as they are structurally similar to iodine. Symptoms linked to low testosterone include low libido, as well as a number of symptoms that are also seen in menopause (such as mood swings, anxiety, and depression). Included in the study were 71 men diagnosed with thyroid dysfunction — 27 with hyperthyroidism and 44 with hypothyroidism — and a similar number of healthy men who served as controls. The majority of literature published today tends to focus on ways hypothyroidism can affect women, excluding men from the conversation and the specific challenges they face. Today, let’s talk about the thyroid gland, its role in the body, and how certain disorders have been linked to sexual problems for men.

From our cosmetics and skin products to pesticides and exhaust fumes, we’re exposed to thousands of chemicals a day — many of which are especially detrimental to our thyroid health. Improve your cardiovascular health. The thyroid hormone level must be overly low," said Skugor. "Colvin did not sit back and wait for the hearing and the subsequent licenses issued to the factory, but instead asked other colleagues to negotiate again and draft the agreement again. After pregnancy, nursing, fatigue, or changes in perceived body image can dampen sex drive. Fostering an awareness of the link between sexual dysfunction and thyroid disease can lead to sexual symptoms being remedied by treating an underlying thyroid disorder. However, this association was not confirmed by multivariate analysis when T, indeces of comorbidities (chronic disease score, CDS) and of general psychopathology (∑‐MHQ) were introduced in the model as confounders (data not shown). It’s no wonder that we often think of hypothyroidism as a woman’s disorder, but the truth is that there are many men out there, right now, who may be reading this and dealing with the many symptoms of thyroid disease.

A new onset of moodiness or worsening of moodiness may be a sign that testosterone levels are off. Olivo J, Southren AL, Gordon GG, Tochimoto S. The study was done with the Sexual Health Inventory for Males (SHIM) instrument, which is a validated and widely used five-item questionnaire concerning a man’s ability to attain and maintain an erection. While most medical practitioners are more likely to explore the possibility of underlying thyroid problems as a possible cause of sexual dysfunction in women, thyroid problems are less likely to be considered when seeking the cause of male sexual dysfunction.

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Neuromuscular findings in thyroid dysfunction: Poppe K, Velkeniers B, Glinoer D. In a healthy male, sexual stimulation causes the dilatation of the arterioles and arteries by increased blood flow (5).

A study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism (JCEM) provided some statistics on the link between thyroid problems and sexual issues in men. In both cohorts, we found that TSH levels were inversely related to ED, suggesting an association between hyperthyroidism and poor erectile functioning. I did, and my doctor diagnosed me with hypothyroidism, which I’ve controlled with a daily regimen of medication.

035), mean body weight (77. 889 for TSH and FT4 respectively) or calculated free E2 levels (Adjusted r = 0. Hypothyroidism is different from hyperthyroidism, or an overactive thyroid, which occurs when your gland produces too much of the thyroid hormone. So how do you go about detoxing a congested liver?